Fire Station Life

If you have spent time in a fire station then you have probably seen the guy(s) that are portrayed in this video. The people who made this video nailed station life perfectly. I have laughed every time I have watched this video.

My favorite part of the video is toward the end when they portray the firefighters who take the last pot of coffee and do not make more along with the firefighter who half-heartedly replaces the toilet paper. Seriously, does it take that much time to replace the toilet paper properly?

I guess no matter where you are in the country, we all experience the same things in the fire stations.

FYI, to my knowledge, this video will not appear on mobile phones due to copyright restrictions. Also, contrary to the warning at the beginning, there is no offensive content, unless you are one of the crusty/salty firefighters.

Update: In case the video does not work for you, here is the link to the I’m Salty and I Know It video.

House Fire Video

Last night, we were the first-arriving company to a house fire on Clemson Ave. The video in the link below is a raw video taken by an eyewitness. The video shows us initially putting the fire out and then it skips back to the time period where the fire was free burning and we had not yet arrived.

We used a 2 1/2″ hose (our larger attack line) to knock down enough fire for us to make entry into the house. We then began putting out the fire on the first floor of the house. Two additional companies used two separate 1 3/4″ hoses to put out the fire on the second floor.

When watching the video, you can barely see us just behind the trees in the house’s driveway spraying the initial water on the fire before the video jumps back to the beginning of the fire.

Clemson Ave House Fire

clemson ave fire ladder at roof

clemson ave fire ladder 4

clemson ave fire

clemson street fire august 4

What Does A Firefighter Do?

Last week, Asher had a school project where he had to choose a job and learn more about it. Ashe wanted to learn more about firefighting because he thought “it is exciting and I love [my dad].” Yes, that was my heart just skipping a beat. While it is not necessarily a desire of mine for Ashe to become a firefighter, I thought it was cool he wanted to learn more about what I do.

We took a family trip to my station and I showed Ashe around the truck. Here are some pictures along with what we do.

Firefighting, of course. No talk about our job would be complete without talking about the most exciting part of our job.

Hazardous materials calls. I showed Ashe a four-gas meter and showed him how we monitor the air to see if anything bad is around us.

Inclement weather responses. We talked about how we have to go out in all types of weather and assist people who are in danger. Sometimes we have to even cut trees and other debris that is in the road or in the way of helping someone.

Water rescues.

Community service. Ashe is showing Becs a fire safety coloring book.

Medical calls. By far, these are the bulk of our call volume. I let him pretend he was helping Becs when she was injured.


These are some fun photos of Becs and Ashe around the fire truck.




Today, our engine company is one of the companies assigned with providing medical care and initial firefighting coverage for areas around Bank of America stadium. We are here before, during, and a little after the Panthers-Vikings game today.

Due to the large crowds we cannot easily drive our large fire truck around. Therefore, we are downsizing.

Here is one of our station’s normal fire trucks.


Here is our temporary downsized models.


If you are around the game today hit me up and say hi.

Late Night Aches & Pains

This video is great. Over the last ten years as a firefighter, I have definitely learned that sometimes people just need a little company medical assistance, even if it happens to be at 1:00 a.m.

At times I do wonder what happens in the middle of the night to make people decide that is the exact time their head (or knee, foot, elbow, etc.) hurts enough to call 911. Maybe it is because the middle of the night is the time when the quiet becomes overwhelming. In that deafening quiet the mind begins to get out of control and listens to the rest of the body about how bad things feel. Perhaps, instead, it is due to the fact that the aches and pains cause the patient to not sleep. As the sleepless hours roll by those same insomnia-causing aches are amplified at it becomes hospital-traveling time.

Either way three things will remain. Firefighters will continue to get the late night calls for help. Firefighters will continue to hope for a full-night’s sleep. I still love my job and still love helping people in a way that can have immediate and direct impact in their lives… including those at 1:15 in the morning.

And a shout-out to all of my country music-loving friends out there. I had never heard of the song the video is parodying until a day or two ago when I was in the doctor’s office with Asher. A lightbulb went off and I finally put the two songs together.

Laziness, Meet Ingenuity

We encountered this on a call yesterday. If you can see, the utility lines in the middle of the picture are being held up with a small piece of rope. The rope was tied around the lines and the pole and was hanging on a stake nailed into the pole.

I think this is a classic example of laziness intersecting with ingenuity.

No squirrels were harmed during the taking of these pictures.

Hot Flashes

It feels like it has been a long time since I was riding on the first-arriving fire truck at a fire. Last week, we were the first-in company at a house fire and I was the lead firefighter on the nozzle.

The following shift, we happened to be driving by the neighborhood so we stopped by to check it out in the daylight and discuss our firefighting strategies. While we were there I took a minute to take a couple of pictures.

When we arrived, fire was coming out of the two front, left windows.

Having Time To Write

Station Eight has two engine companies. As is typical when a bunch of guys get together, competition is created. The two Station Eight companies go back and forth about how many calls (or lack thereof) the other runs.

This morning we found a writing spider who had built a whole web on the back of Engine 64. Those of us on Engine 8 made sure to tell the guys on 64 just how slow things must be on their truck to allow a spider to set up camp so nicely.