Observations of the Few

WCNC (our local NBC channel) reported about a Mt. Holly fire truck that hit a house. The fire truck started rolling away while parked on the scene of a call. I can only assume that the driver/engineer forgot to apply the parking break and did not chock the tires. That is a big oopsy.

The report was interesting enough, but one of the eyewitness quotes caught my attention. A neighbor was quoted as saying this:

I thought the fire truck was turning around in Miss Davis’s yard and walked off. All of a sudden I heard a big boom. It sounded like something blowed up. Come out here and look…” (emphasis mine)

What I thought was funny was that the eyewitness saw the truck rolling in his neighbor’s yard. Seeing that, his first conclusion was that the truck was turning around in her yard and he casually dismissed this as normal. Really?

I think if I saw a fire truck doing doughnuts in my front lawn I would be shocked and amazed! Maybe not mad, but a little wow factor might be warranted. Then again, my grass is weeds are so dead right now a giant tank could roll through my yard and I would not care. I would just take a few pictures.