On A Hot Summer’s Day

We went out for a walk today while it was still 103 degrees outside. I think I know what it now feels like to walk on the surface of the sun. Actually it was not that bad because the humidity is still relatively low (as compared to July or August. Most of the walk was in the shade and it was pretty comfortable.

I even got a little kiss from the pretty little lady in pink.


Bechan’s 2nd Birthday

Today, Bechan turned two! We got to celebrate with Becs all day today and on Sunday, also.

Sunday, we had a family party to celebrate Michele’s mom’s and Bechan’s combined birthdays. (They are three calendar days apart.)

Michele made cupcakes and decorated them to look like a teddy-graham beach. As you can see, Becs really loved them.





Today, Becs had quite a few activities. She went with us to Asher’s school to eat lunch with his class. She got to celebrate with them for a little while in the cafeteria. Afterward, Becs went with her cousin, Aliza, to Monkey Joe’s to play on the inflatables. As you can see from the pictures, she had a blast.

We then picked up Asher from school and went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. Becs was so tired by the end of it she did not even make it half way home before falling asleep in the car.

Happy birthday, Bechan!









Sunday Activities

We had a fun Sunday yesterday. We went to church in the morning, had a date (Chele and me) and played around (Becs and Ashe), and got some ice cream with Tamara’s family and Chele’s parents.

Heading Into Church

We first went to church and got to hear a great teaching about Ephesians 2:17-22. The sermon gave a valuable lesson about the unity of the church as all Christians come together to become God’s house and His temple. We do all of this through Jesus Christ who is our cornerstone.

This message hits home for me as I continue to reflect on having participated in the Ndjemane worship services this past February. What a time of celebration with both Americans and Sengalese worshiping together.

Beatty Park Walk


Chele and I have been swapping babysitting with Chele’s sister and her family. Yesterday was our turn. We went walking around Beatty Park so we could get out and enjoy the great weather.

Ice Cream By the Fountain


My Beautiful Wife

It is a rarity nowadays for Michele and me to get a photo together. It seems that either Chele is taking a photo of the kids and me or vice-versa. Julia was kind enough to take a picture of us immediately following Amy and Scott’s wedding. Thanks, Julia, for giving us a current photo with each other.


Learning To Be A Gentleman

Asher and Michele Two of my fav’s are going on a date tonight and I am very excited for them. Michele is taking Asher out on a date and I think some Star Wars in 3-D might be in order. It sounds like a lot of fun and I hope they enjoy their time together.

This morning, during our walk to his school, Asher and I discussed a few ways to be a gentleman for his date. Here are a few thoughts I shared with Ashe to begin preparing him for the future.

It is polite to:

  • open and close the car door for your date.
  • open the door for your date when entering and exiting a building.
  • allow the woman to sit down first and to also stand when she gets up from the table, etc.
  • walk on the outside of the sidewalk and allow his date to walk on the inside.

I know this is not an all-encompassing list. What are some ways that you think men (and boys) can be better gentlemen? Throw some thoughts in the comments. I may just throw some extra knowledge Asher’s way.

Happy 8th Anniversary, Chele

Eight years ago I covenanted in front of God, family, and friends to be a loving, faithful husband to my beautiful wife, Michele. I promised this to Michele regardless of whether we were in plenty, want, joy, sorrow, sickness, or health… and for as long as we are both alive. That still stands as one of the best decisions I have made in my life… and definitely one of the best promises I have made.

I am blessed to have her as part of my life and I am happy to celebrate eight years of sharing our lives together.

Here are snapshots of the past eight years together.

2011 Bechan’s Dedication
2011 Bechan's Dedication
Thanks, JP, for an awesome photo of our family.

2010 Nick and Heather’s Wedding
2010 Nick & Heather's Wedding

2009 Mountain Trip With Our LifeGroup
2009 Mountain Trip With Our LifeGroup

2008 Charleston/Isle of Palms Vacation
2008 Charleston Vacation

2007 Kannapolis Knights Game
2007 Kannapolis Knights Game

2006 Christmas In New York
2006 New York Christmas

2005 San Francisco
2005 San Francisco

2004 Folly Beach Vacation
2004 Folly Beach Vacation

2003 – After Our Wedding
2003 After Our Wedding