Dirt Track Racin’

A little under a year ago, Mom interviewed a local race car driver as part of her job as a writer with the area newspaper. She really enjoyed talking with the driver and his father while touring their race car garage. Part of her assignment also included going to one of the Saturday night dirt track races to watch him race.

Through that, we found out Mom has a dirt track ten minutes away from her house. She went to watch the race and Mom told me it was a lot of fun. After picking up my jaw off the ground, we decided it would be worth trying to take the family. I had been to a handful of NASCAR races and enjoyed them, but had never been to any races on dirt. It sounded interesting.

Last night was our first adventure into the world of dirt track racin’. We pulled for the driver Mom interviewed, Rusty Ballenger; ate snow cones; and watched a bunch of race cars make a lot of left turns.







Pikes Peak Race

In this video I went from watching the driver to watching the people standing so close to the road as the car drove by. I then watched the driver again as he drove on the dirt road and I finally watched the sky and scenery as the driver drove higher up the mountain.

A few things to Where’s Waldo when you watch the video. Check out the guy I believe is acting like he is hitch-hiking. Check out the guy kneeling (in what I believe is) less than a foot away from the car as it enters a right turn. If you watch the video long enough, check out how the scenery changes around the six-minute mark. After that, there are parts of the road where all you see is blue sky and very little road.

Pikes Peak 2010 – Jeff Zwart In Car from Will Roegge on Vimeo.