Ride To School

When traveling to school, some kids walk; some students ride the bus; and some of them ride to school in their parents’ car. And some children get to ride with their dad in a giant flatbed tow truck.

About once a week, the tow-truck driver takes his son to school and parks on the street in front of the school along with a lot of other parents. When Asher first saw the truck a couple of weeks ago he was incredibly excited and talked about it during the rest of our walk to school.

Asher thought he was a cool dad because he has just taken his son to school in a flatbed truck. I guess I am going to have to convince my captain to have our engine company come and take Asher to school in the fire truck. Now that would be a lot of fun.

Tow-truck School Bus

Season of Transition

Wow, it has been a month since I have last written a blog post. It has been a crazy end of the summer. For the past two months our company has been slammed (yay!!) and I have been working diligently to meet some important deadlines; Michele and I have been trying to play, entertain, and parent the rugrats; and I have been using every other available moment to cut down and cut up trees in our backyard. Now things are beginning to settle back into a comfortable routine and our family is about to get into a completely different routine over the next couple of weeks.

Asher officially starts kindergarten in four days. I am still trying to decide who is going to cry more: Michele or me. While Michele is the hands-on favorite, I could easily go all emotional as we drop Asher off at the front of his new school. Our house will be a little bit quieter beginning Tuesday morning, but not completely silent.

Our home will not be completely silent because we get to keep Becs at home for a few more years! Becs keeps telling me that she is also ready for kindergarten, but I told her that she needs to master walking and climbing stairs first. To help her with those and other toddler-essential skills Bechan starts pre-school this year. For her first year, Bechan is attending pre-school two days a week.

And so it begins. Over the next couple of weeks Michele, Bechan, Asher, and I are about to transition into new seasons of our lives. I hope our transitions will provide seasons for our whole family to both plant and harvest. I know it will definitely be a new season of our having to let go each weekday morning, but will be followed-up with big embracing hugs in the afternoons. I also know that in the first few days of Asher and Bechan’s school it will be both a season of crying and laughing for Michele and me.

Maybe it will be a season of dancing… I will have to get back with you on that one.