The Unreached

Saturday, I closed out a post pondering how many people, who do not know Jesus, are ready to hear the Good News. I then came across this video that was shared by John Piper.

Here are some statistics the video shares:

  • 1 out of 4 people (27.9%) on earth are cut off from the Good News
  • Nearly 2 billion people do not know anyone who can show them Jesus
  • Out of 100 missionaries, only 3 go live among these 2 billion people
  • Out of $100 only 1 cent goes to help these 2 billion people

The video also shares some information on countries where missionaries are strong or are growing. It also talks about countries where church planting is growing.

The video is challenging me and is making me pause to really think about how I can best direct my efforts and resources. Check it out:

Republic, huh?

I saw this video on Dan Byron’s awesome blog titled We Are Not A Democracy.

I knew the difference between socialism, democracy, and oligarchies, but I never realized that America is actually a republic. I guess I still have a thing or two to learn these days.

Here is the video. Does anyone care to respond?

The American Form of Government